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  • Using the Span<T> in Xamarin Cross-Targeted projects

    System.Memory exists to provide the Span<T>, Memory<T> and similar types, for which C# 7.x provided support, and it can enable significant performance improvements where appropriate. While .NET Standard 2.0 does not have support for it in its available API surface, there the System.Memory NuGet package that can be added to enable it.

    As part of the code sharing effort, Mono and Xamarin added support for System.Memory in the BCL as part of the releases bundled with VS 2019.

    While this is a very important step to make Mono and .NET Core very similar in behavior, this brings issues because the Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Mac and MonoAndroid target frameworks are not versioned like .NET Core or .NET Standard. The Visual Studio version used to build a project has an impact on the code’s behavior or compatibility that cannot be adjusted as easily as changing a Target Framework version.